GaGe Recent News

12-Bit PCIe Digitizer: EON Express 12-Bit 6 GS/s PCIe Gen3 Digitizer: EON Express

Unprecedented speed and resolution in a 6 GS/s streaming digitizer with 1.75 GHz bandwidth and PCIe data streaming rates at 4 GB/s. Onboard digitizer sample memory is expandable up to 8 GB and the EON Express supports FPGA based applications for real-time DSP functions.

Cobra/CobraMax Express & Octopus Express Digitizers REAL VALUE on the 8s! - Up to 28% Savings!

New reduced pricing on GaGe 8-bit Cobra/CobraMax PCIe Digitizers and on GaGe 8-channel Octopus PCIe Digitizers, providing extreme value for price and performance.

More speed, More resolution, More on-board memory for the price than any other digitizer!

EC14150 Digitizer Laptop Bundle Promotion New 14-bit Digitizer Laptop Bundle Promotion - 37% Savings!

Newly added limited time promotion features the Signatec 14-bit EC14150 ExpressCard digitizer bundled with a Sig-Station performance series laptop and a dedicated data recording drive for a complete one price solution.

SpectraScopeRT - Spectrum Analyzer Software New SpectraScopeRT - Spectrum Analyzer Software

SpectraScopeRT is a real-time Spectrum Analyzer program designed to work with our wideband downconverters and high-speed digitizers. SpectraScopeRT can be used to control the receiver center frequency and bandwidth, plus digitizer selection and functions. This program also features various X,Y display scale viewing options, multiple cursors, averaging, printing, save/recall of setups, and many other useful features for Spectrum Analyzer type functionality.

DynamicSignals LLC ISO 9001:2008 Certificate DynamicSignals LLC, an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

GaGe is a product brand of DynamicSignals LLC, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

DynamicSignals LLC has been certified in April 2014 by an independent auditing agency, Verisys Registrars, in meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 certification in performing engineering, manufacturing and integration of data acquisition boards, digitizers, signal conditioners, and waveform generators into continuous signal data recording and arbitrary signal generation systems.

Effective 04/21/2014, DynamicSignals LLC has extended the standard product warranty for GaGe branded manufactured instruments to 2 years. Please refer to the DynamicSignals Standard Terms and Conditions of Sales for complete product limited warranty details.

High-Performance Instrumentation Bundle Promotions Limited Time Instrumentation Bundle Promotions
  • 40% Savings! - FCiX LAN Digitizers
  • 40% Savings! - 1.2 GSPS 14-Bit AWG
  • 45% Savings! - 0.5-4.0 GSPS 8-Bit Digitizers
  • 60% Savings! - 0.5-2.0 GSPS 12-Bit Digitizers

GaGe Educational Discounts GaGe Educational 10% Discount Pricing

All qualified educational based institutions that meet eligibility requirements can receive 10% educational pricing discounts on all GaGe products.

Wideband Downconverters Wideband Downconverters

Our wideband downconverters are wide frequency coverage receivers that feature a single RF input and 3 software selectable IF bandwidths, from 10 MHz to 100 MHz. The carrier center frequencies can be tuned from 50 MHz to 20 GHz, using direct digitization below 50 MHz. Full control and data acquisition support are provided via MathworksÂ’ MATLAB, with example programs furnished to facilitate rapid signal processing and modulation analysis program development.

FCiX LAN Digitizers New Faceless Connected Instruments (FCiX)

Seamlessly connect high performance digitizer instruments to any existing Ethernet network via a Gigabit LAN interface. GaGe's FCiX family provides a 14-bit or 16-bit digitizing solution with 4 or 8 channels, 25 to 200 MS/s maximum sampling rate, and 1 GS of on-board real-time acquisition memory.

8-Bit PCIe Digitizer Board: CobraMax Express Featuring New 4 GS/s 8-Bit PCIe Digitizer

The new CobraMax Express CompuScope 4 GS/s 8-bit digitizer features a PCIe interface, increased memory of 2 GS to 32 GS, & PCIe data streaming support.

8-Bit PCIe Digitizer Board: Cobra Express Featuring New 2 GS/s 8-Bit PCIe Digitizer

The new Cobra Express CompuScope 2 GS/s 8-bit digitizer features a PCIe interface, increased memory of 2 GS to 32 GS, & PCIe data streaming support.

TMW Test of Time Finalist: Octopus

GaGe's digitizer family of Octopus PC oscilloscopes have been selected as a finalist in TMW's Test of Time Awards.

GaGe and ASA Partnership

GaGe and ASA partner to provide advanced digital signal data analysis solution for GaGe high speed digitizers or PC oscilloscopes.