CobraMax Express CompuScope
8-Bit, 4.0 GS/s, PCIe Digitizer / Oscilloscope Board

The GaGe CobraMax Express CompuScope PCIe digitizer board features 8-bit resolution with sampling rates up to 4.0 GS/s with true Effective Number of Bits (ENOB) of 7.6-bits with 10 MHz input.

Onboard digitizer sample memory is expandable up to 16 GS and up to 8 CobraMax Express digitizers can be combined for up to 16 channels in a single system.

8-Bit Digitizer PCIe Board: CobraMax Express

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Digitizer Features

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CobraMax Express CompuScope Products and Part Numbers
CSE14G8 1 Channel @ 4.0 GS/s, 8-bits,
2 GS Memory, 1.5 GHz Bandwidth
AC/DC Coupling, 50Ω Input
CSE24G8 2 Channels @ 2.0 GS/s, 8-bits or
1 Channel @ 4.0 GS/s, 8-bits,
2 GS Memory, 1.5 GHz Bandwidth
AC/DC Coupling, 50Ω Inputs
Memory Upgrades
Memory Upgrade: 2 GS to 4 GS MEM-181-101
Memory Upgrade: 2 GS to 8 GS MEM-181-103
Memory Upgrade: 2 GS to 16 GS MEM-181-105
eXpert FPGA Firmware Options
eXpert FPGA PCIe Data Streaming STR-181-000
eXpert FPGA Signal Averaging 250-181-001
Master/Slave Upgrades
Master Multi-Card Upgrade CXE-181-012
Slave Multi-Card Upgrade CXE-181-013
Set 1 SMA to BNC cable ACC-001-031
Set 4 SMA to BNC cable ACC-001-033
GaGeScope® Software
GaGeScope: Lite Edition Included
GaGeScope: Standard Edition 300-100-351
GaGeScope: Professional Edition 300-100-354
Software Development Kits (SDKs)
GaGe SDK Pack (C/C#, MATLAB, LabVIEW) 200-113-000
CompuScope SDK for C/C# 200-200-101
CompuScope SDK for MATLAB 200-200-102
CompuScope SDK for LabVIEW 200-200-103