eXpert FPGA DSP Technology for Data Acquisition

GaGe's eXpert FIR Filtering, Signal Averaging, Peak Detection, and FFT FPGA DSP technology provides a fast and efficient means for users to process data on-board CompuScope digitizers and transfer only the data that is of interest to the PC for further analysis.

eXpert FPGA DSP features are designed to be transparent to standard CompuScope digitizer drivers for Windows and can be implemented by existing customers on digitizers already in use in the field without requiring the digitizer to be returned to GaGe for reprogramming.

eXpert FPGA DSP: FIR Filtering FIR Filtering

Allows users to filter digitized data in real-time with a completely flexible and user customizable FIR filter.

eXpert FPGA DSP: Signal Averaging Signal Averaging

Allows users to detect very small signals in noisy environments.

eXpert FPGA DSP: Peak Detection Peak (Min/Max) Detection

Allows the detection of miniumum and maximum peaks within a set of digitized waveform data and is a widely used data analysis and reduction technique.


Allows Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) analysis and transfer of multiple Fourier Spectra to host PC in a single PCI transfer.

eXpert FPGA DSP: PCIe Data Streaming PCIe Data Streaming

Allows streaming of waveform data from any CompuScope PCIe digitizer model to PC Host RAM or optimized Stream-to-Disk systems.