GaGe Data Acquisition Newsletters

2019 September Issue

  • New 16-Bit Digitizer Razor Family Year-End Sales Promotion
  • Custom Engineering Design Services

DAQ Newsletter - 2019 September Issue

16-Bit Razor Family Promotion GaTi: Gage Applied Technolgies Inc.

2019 June Issue

  • New 16-Bit, 2-CHs @ 500 MS/s or 250 MS/s,
    PCIe Gen3 Streaming Digitizer

DAQ Newsletter - 2019 June Issue

16-Bit PCIe Digitizer: RazorPlus Express

2019 March Issue

  • CompuScope GPU CUDA Processing

DAQ Newsletter - 2019 March Issue

GaGe CompuScope GPU CUDA Processing CompuScope GPU CUDA Processing Block Diagram

2018 June Issue

  • New Low Range Input Option for 16-Bit, 1 GS/s, 700 MHz BW, PCIe Gen3 x8 Digitizer
  • New Limited Time Promotion for U.S. Education and National Research Labs

DAQ Newsletter - 2018 June Issue

16-Bit Digitizer PCIe Board: RazorMax Express 16 High-Performance Instrumentation Sales Promotions

2018 March Issue

  • Electronic Warfare Solutions at Dixie Crow 2018

DAQ Newsletter - 2018 March Issue

GaGe at Dixie Crow 2018
CEDAR System

2018 February Issue

  • PCIe Digitizers & PCIe AWG
    Limited Time Promotions

DAQ Newsletter - 2018 February Issue

16-Bit 200 MS/s 4-Channel PCIe Digitizer Promotion 14-Bit 125 MS/s 8-Channel PCIe Digitizer Promotion 14-Bit 400 MS/s 2-Channel PCIe Digitizer Promotion 14-Bit/8-Bit 1.2 GS/s 4-Channel PCIe Arbitrary Waveform Generator Promotion

2017 August Issue

  • PXIe & Thunderbolt 3 Digitizers

DAQ Newsletter - 2017 August Issue

GaGe at AUTOTESTCON 2017 16-Bit PXIe Digitizer: RazorMax Express 16-Bit Thunderbolt 3 PCIe Gen3 Digitizer: TB3-RazorMax

2017 July Issue

  • Ultrasonic NDT Position Encoder
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
  • PCIe Data Streaming
  • Signal Averaging
  • Fast Fourier Transform

DAQ Newsletter - 2017 July Issue

Ultrasonic NDT Position Encoder PCIe Digitizer Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) PCIe Digitizer eXpert FPGA DSP Technology for Data Acquisition

2017 April Issue

  • New 16-Bit, 1 GS/s, 4-CH, 3U PXIe Gen3 Digitizer

DAQ Newsletter - 2017 April Issue

16-Bit PXIe Digitizer: RazorMax Express

2017 March 29 Issue

  • New Thunderbolt 3 PCIe Gen3 Digitizers

DAQ Newsletter - 2017 March 29 Issue

16-Bit Thunderbolt 3 PCIe Gen3 Digitizer: TB3-RazorMax 12-Bit Thunderbolt 3 PCIe Gen3 Digitizer: TB3-EON GaGe Thunderbolt 3 PCIe Gen3 Expansion: TB3-E1A-T01

2017 March Issue

  • Wideband RF Signal Analyzer Recording Systems
  • Member of National Spectrum Consortium
  • GaGe at Dixie Crow Symposium 42
  • GaGe on Google Scholar
  • New GaGe Sales Representative

DAQ Newsletter - 2017 March Issue

RF Signal Analyzer Recording System

National Spectrum Consortium Logo

Dixie Crow Logo

GaGe on Google Scholar James R. Johnson & Associates, Inc. Logo

2016 October Issue

  • RazorMax Express:
    Unprecedented Speed & Resolution with New
    4-CH, 16-Bit, 1 GS/s, 700 MHz BW, PCIe Digitizer

DAQ Newsletter - 2016 October Issue

GaGe 16-bit PCIe Digitizer: RazorMax Express Portable RazorMax Express Downconverter System

2016 June Issue

  • Product End-Of-Life (EOL) Notice for "PCI"
    Digitizer Models BASE-8, Razor and Octopus

DAQ Newsletter - 2016 June Issue

GaGe 8-bit PCI Digitizer: BASE-8 GaGe 12-bit/14-bit/16-bit PCI Digitizer: Razor GaGe 12-bit/14-bit/16-bit PCI Digitizer: Octopus

2016 May Issue

  • New Octave Express PCIe Digitizer Provides
    Optimal Value with 2-4 Channels up to 125 MS/s
  • More Onboard Standard Memory & Reduced Pricing
    for Oscar / Razor / Octopus Express Digitizers

DAQ Newsletter - 2016 May Issue

14-Bit/16-Bit PCIe Digitizer Board: Octave Express 12-Bit/14-Bit/16-Bit PCIe Digitizers: Octopus/Oscar/Razor Express

2016 March Issue

  • Powerful and Flexible 1.2 GS/s 14-Bit or 8-Bit
    Arbitrary Waveform Generator PCIe Card

DAQ Newsletter - 2016 March Issue

14-Bit/8-Bit Arbitrary Waveform Generator PCIe Board: PXDAC4800 PXDAC4800 Playback Scope Application

2015 November Issue

  • Portable Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer Systems
    Featured at AOC Symposium & Convention

DAQ Newsletter - 2015 November Issue

AOC Symposium & Convention 2015 Portable Spectrum Analyzer System Portable Spectrum Analyzer System

2015 August Issue

  • 12-Bit Digitizer Bundle Promotion
    Back by Popular Demand

DAQ Newsletter - 2015 August Issue

GaGe 12-Bit Digitizer Bundle Promotion

2015 July Issue

  • Product End-Of-Life (EOL) Notice for
    Cobra and CobraMax "PCI" Digitizer Models

DAQ Newsletter - 2015 July Issue

GaGe 8-bit PCI Digitizer: Cobra

2015 June Issue

Hot Summer 8-16 Bit Digitizer and AWG Bundle Promotions
- Act Now!

  • 35% Savings! - 8-16 CH 14-Bit 125 MS/s or
    16-Bit 25 MS/s Digitizer Bundle
  • 45% Savings! - 1-2 CH 8-Bit up to 4 GS/s
    Digitizer Bundle
  • 40% Savings! - 4 CH Arbitrary Waveform Generator
    14-Bit up to 1.2 GS/s Bundle
  • 40% Savings! - 4-8 CH 14-Bit or 16-Bit LAN
    Digitizer Bundle
  • 37% Savings! - 2 CH 14-Bit 150 MS/s Digitizer
    Laptop Bundle

DAQ Newsletter - 2015 June Issue

GaGe Octopus Express Bundle: 8-16 Channel, 14-Bit or 16-Bit Digitizers

GaGe CobraMax/Cobra Express Bundle: 1-2 Channel, 8-Bit Digitizers

GaGe FCiX Bundle: 4-8 Channel, 14-Bit or 16-Bit LAN Digitizers

Signatec PXDAC4800 Bundle: 4 Channel, 14-Bit or 8-Bit Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Signatec EC14150 Bundle: 2 Channel, 14-Bit Digitizer Laptop

2015 March Issue

  • New 8-16 Channel, 14-Bit 125 MS/s or 16-Bit 25 MS/s Digitizer Bundle Promotion

DAQ Newsletter - 2015 March Issue

Octopus Express Digitizer Bundle Promotion Octopus Express Demo Video

2015 February Issue

  • New Wideband Downconverters Extend Frequency Coverage to 27 GHz

DAQ Newsletter - 2015 February Issue

Wideband Downconverters

2014 December Issue

  • New! High-Speed Signal Recording Systems Overview
  • Portable Signal Recorders
  • 4U Rackmount Signal Recorders

DAQ Newsletter - 2014 December Issue

14-Bit or 8-Bit, 1.4 GB/s Portable Signal Recording System 14-Bit or 8-Bit, 2.8 GB/s Portable Signal Recording System 14-Bit or 8-Bit, 1.4 GB/s 4U Rackmount Signal Recording System 14-Bit or 8-Bit, 2.8 GB/s 4U Rackmount Signal Recording System

2014 October Issue

  • New 12-Bit 6 GS/s PCIe Gen3 Digitizer

DAQ Newsletter - 2014 October Issue

12-Bit PCIe Digitizer: EON Express

2014 September Issue

  • New 14-Bit Digitizer + AWG Combo PCIe Card
  • Meet us at AUTOTESTCON
  • Meet us at AOC Symposium & Convention

DAQ Newsletter - 2014 September Issue

14-Bit Digitizer/AWG Card: PXDAC-ADC2x2 AUTOTESTCON 2014 SAOC Symposium & Convention 2014

2014 July Issue

  • REAL VALUE on the 8s!
  • New 14-bit Digitizer Laptop Bundle Promotion
  • New SpectraScopeRT - Spectrum Analyzer Software
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certification and
    New 2-Year Standard Product Warranty

DAQ Newsletter - 2014 July Issue

Cobra/Octopus Express Digitizers 14-bit Digitizer Laptop Bundle Promotion SpectraScopeRT - Spectrum Analyzer Software DynamicSignals ISO 9001:2008 Certification

2014 April Issue

New High-Performance Instrumentation Bundle Promotions:

  • 40% Savings! - FCiX LAN Digitizers
  • 40% Savings! - 1.2 GSPS 14-Bit AWG
  • 45% Savings! - 0.5-4.0 GSPS 8-Bit Digitizers
  • 60% Savings! - 0.5-2.0 GSPS 12-Bit Digitizers

DAQ Newsletter - 2014 April Issue

FCiX LAN Digitizer Bundle Promotion

PXDAC4800 AWG Bundle Promotion
PXDAC4800 AWG Bundle Promotion

8-Bit Digitizer Bundle Promotion     
PXDAC4800 AWG Bundle Promotion

12-Bit Digitizer Bundle Promotion

2014 March Issue

  • Now Shipping - Signatec PXDAC4800D:
    DC-Coupled, 1.2 GSPS, 4-Channel AWG
  • New Signatec Sig-Station Catalog: High-Performance
    Workstation & Storage Systems for Signal Applications
  • Introducing Geil Marketing Associates

DAQ Newsletter - 2014 March Issue

PXDAC4800 Sig-Station Systems Geil Marketing Associates

2013 October Issue

  • GaGeScope PC Oscilloscope Software
  • Faceless Connected Instruments (FCiX)
  • Educational Promotion - 10% Discount Pricing

DAQ Newsletter - 2013 October Issue

PC Oscilloscope Software FCiX education

2013 July Issue

  • New! Faceless Connected Instrument (FCiX) Family of
    Portable Digitizing Solutions
  • New! Wideband Downconverter Systems
  • Summer Digitizer Promotion -
    Free Data Streaming Option & Deep Memory Upgrade

DAQ Newsletter - 2013 July Issue

FCiX LAN Digitizers Wideband Downconverters PCI Express

Digitizer Sample Memory

2013 March Issue

  • New! Ultra High-Speed PCI Express Digitizers
  • GaGe Joins the Social Media Wave
  • Using Deep Digitizer Memory for Real-Time Data Capture

DAQ Newsletter - 2013 March Issue

8-Bit PCIe Digitizer Board: CobraMax Express Digitizer Sample Memory

2012 December Issue

  • ENOB as a Measure of Digitizer Performance
  • 2 GS/s 12-Bit Digitizer Promotion
  • New 8-bit High-Speed PCIe Cobra Express Digitizer

DAQ Newsletter - 2012 December Issue

Digitizer ENOB Chart 12-Bit Digitizer Bundle Limited Time Promotion 8-Bit PCIe Digitizer Board: Cobra Express