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Signatec PXDAC4800
14-Bit or 8-Bit, 1.2 GS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator PCIe Board

* This model is now discontinued.

The Signatec PXDAC4800 is an exceptionally high-speed four channel Digital to Analog Conversion (DAC) board which may be used as an Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG), a waveform playback device, or for generating multiple communication frequency bands.

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Each DAC can output data at a maximum real rate of 1.2 GSPS at 14-bit for two channels or at 8-bit for four channels, or 600 MSPS at 14-bit for four channels. Each output signal has a bandwidth of up to 400 MHz for AC-Coupled configuration or up to 590 MHz for DC-Coupled configuration. Output waveforms may be “per-trigger” or “continuously looped” from the on-board 1 Gigabyte memory.

14-Bit/8-Bit Arbitrary Waveform Generator PCIe Board: PXDAC4800

PXDAC4800 Data Sheet

Legacy Model

The DACs can also be provided with a continuous data stream via the PCI Express (PCIe) bus up to 900 Megabytes per second (MB/s). This PCIe bus rate allows for providing up to 112.5 MSPS addressable bandwidth at full 14-bit resolution for each of the four analog outputs.

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Please visit Signatec site for PXDAC4800 product support, manuals, and software updates:

Signatec PXDAC4800

AWG Features

  • 4 DAC Channel Outputs
  • 14-bit Resolution @ 1.2 GSPS for 2 Channels
  • 14-bit Resolution @ 600 MSPS for 4 Channels
  • 8-bit Resolution @ 1.2 GSPS for 4 Channels
  • 512 MS of Onboard Sample Memory for 14-bit Data
  • 1 GS of Onboard Sample Memory for 8-bit Data
  • AC or DC Coupling with 50Ω Outputs
  • 400 MHz of Bandwidth for AC-Coupled Configuration
  • 590 MHz of Bandwidth for DC-Coupled Configuration
  • Free Playback Application Software:

    • Playback signal data that is loaded in RAM
    • Playback previously recorded signal data files
    • Generate signal data patterns for each output including
      sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, sawtooth wave,
      and zeroes
  • Free SDKs for C/C++, LabVIEW and MATLAB

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AWG Ordering Information

PXDAC4800 Products and Part Numbers
PXDAC4800A-DP 4 DAC AC-Coupled 50Ω Channel Outputs,
1.2 GSPS: 2 CHs @ 14-bit / 4 CHs @ 8-bit,
600 MSPS: 4 CHs @ 14-bit,
Onboard Memory: 512 MS 14-bit / 1 GS 8-bit,
400 MHz Bandwidth
PXDAC4800D-DP 4 DAC DC-Coupled 50Ω Channel Outputs,
1.2 GSPS: 2 CHs @ 14-bit / 4 CHs @ 8-bit,
600 MSPS: 4 CHs @ 14-bit,
Onboard Memory: 512 MS 14-bit / 1 GS 8-bit,
590 MHz Bandwidth
Signatec Playback Application included
Software Development Kits (SDKs)
Signatec SDK for C/C++ included
Signatec SDK for MATLAB included
Signatec SDK for LabVIEW included