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Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer Software

SpectraScopeRT is a Windows based spectrum analyzer application that requires no programming and allows for integrated operational control of both the downconverter receiver and the digitizer for signal capture, analysis, recordings.

SpectraScopeRT provides the ability to save established settings to a configuration file that can later be opened and applied, thus saving time from manually re-applying settings for repetitive configurations.

Analysis displays include IQ Time Domain, Frequency Domain, I Spectrum, IQ Power Spectrum, Constellation Plot, Spectrogram Plot, Persistence Plot, and Histogram Plot. Multiple display type windows can be opened and shown simultaneously with auto tile and cascade options or manually sized and placed as desired.

Display windows include support for scope cursors to navigate through the display and obtain measurements. Cursor Track Mode can be enabled to lock the position of the two placed cursors. When locked, the spacing between cursors remains constant as they are moved through the display of data.

The primary advantage of SpectraScopeRT is the ability to conduct real-time streaming signal recordings to drive storage with provided monitoring capability to ensure the recording process is operating with expected signal data and without errors.

SepctraScopeRT Data Sheet

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Spectrum Analyzer Software: SpectraScopeRT

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Spectrum Analyzer Software Features

  • No Programming Required!
  • Display in Real-Time:

         - Histogram
         - Composite Power Spectrum
         - Persistence Display
         - I Power Spectrum
         - Spectrogram
         - Time Domain Display
  • Monitor Signals During Real-Time Recordings
  • Supports up to 1 GHz Bandwidth Receivers
  • Supports 160 MHz, and 100 MHz Bandwidth Receivers:

         A-Series Wideband Downconverters
  • Supports 16-Bit 1 GS/s, 500 MS/s, & 200 MS/s A/D Digitizers:

         RazorMax Express
         Razor Express
  • Supports 12-Bit 3 GS/s A/D Digitizers:

         EON Express

Spectrum Analyzer Software Ordering Information

SpectraScopeRT Products and Part Numbers
SpectraScopeRT for A-Series Downconverters:
Spectrum Analyzer Signal Recording Application
Spectrum Analyzer Playback Viewer Application